Property Management

Finding an Investment Property

What are your goals for your investment property? Finding and holding an investment property? Monthly income?
 Long-term appreciation? Passive income with tax benefits?  

Something that is turn-key and you don’t have to give it much thought? Something you yourself can move into someday? At NXNW, we are seasoned investors ourselves and are very familiar with how to achieve these goals for our others seeking the same success.  

  • We are seeing investors whose appreciation rate of return isn’t likely to increase as much as in recent years. Therefore, perhaps it is time to leverage that investment and purchase other properties with greater earning potential. 
  • If you have inherited a property and aren’t sure of its worth or what you even might do with it, let’s run the numbers so you have the information to determine if selling or holding and renting is better.  
  • With the rezoning that has happened in Seattle, another strategy might be to buy a property on the outskirts of an upzoned area, rent it out, and repackage for developers. Or redevelop it yourself and either sell or continue to rent.  
  • Or buy something that has cash flow potential now along with ADU or DADU potential. Develop when you are ready!  

Benefits of a Long-Term Rental:

Asset 9

Cash Flow

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Tax Advantages

Some mixture of cash flow, appreciation and using tax advantages are common goals for anyone if purchasing investment property. According to the Puget Sound Regional Council, the Central Puget Sound Region (the Seattle area) is expected to grow to nearly 6 million people by 2050. That would equate to an average of 55,000 people would be moving here every year. These folks need a place to live and with mountains to the east and water to the west. Under the Growth Management Act new area for development are geographically limited which changes how the Puget Sound Region can grow. The overall and continuing shortage of housing should be a boon to property owners looking for a return on their investment.  

Choosing where to purchase can be tricky. Some municipalities areas are friendlier to landlords than others. NXNW has years of experience advising clients about the strongest rental markets relative to cash flow and long-term appreciation.  We have been active in the greater Puget Sound market for many years; analyzing rental markets, strategically purchasing and managing rentals in the greater Seattle area.  When it comes to managing your rental <link> we understand everything from local laws and ordinances and are constantly watching out for future changes and development.  

Whether you are a seasoned investor or just building your portfolio, let us help you with making your next step with your investments.  

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