Upzone Opportunities

Live in a Seattle Upzone Area?

What does Seattle rezoning neighborhoods for increased housing density mean for you? Whether you are redeveloping property on your own, working with a developer, or joining forces with your neighbors to make an even-more-attractive package deal for a developer, creating a strategy along with packaging your development in an irresistible way for developers is key to getting you top dollar. 

Our collective interests, expertise, and skillset makes us uniquely qualified to represent you with any Upzone Opportunity you want to explore. We can:  

  • Let you know about developments in the works for your neighborhood…and how you might benefit. 
  • Provide you with an understanding of your property’s current value and how other developments and changes may affect that.  
  • Strategize with you and your neighbors to pull together multiple properties to present an even more-attractive package for larger developers.  
  • Provide you with a timeline plan based on your personal goals and objectives.    

The bottom line? We know the worth of your property and how to maximize your returns when it is time to sell it to a developer. 

MHA Neighborhood Model Slideshow

"The City of Seattle is working hard to create more affordable housing. Mandatory Housing Affordability or MHA is a program that requires developers of multifamily and commercial buildings to build affordable homes within their buildings or pay money into a fund to build affordable housing across the City." - HALA Stories

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