Property Management

Property Management Services

Our experienced property managers understand how to navigate a constantly changing environment to best position your property excel in the current rental market. NXNW work to elevate your income, reduce your expenses, and how to market and maintain a property. We perform annual property inspection surveys, respond to tenant requests, handle the accounting and process, and provide you with peace of mind.

  • Preparation of rental property for tenancy 
  • Pre-tenant walk-through and documentation 
  • Move-out inspection and maintaining property between tenants at a minimum of expense to you 

  • Periodic inspections 
  • Repairs and maintenance 
  • Preventative winterizing 

  • Screen all applicants including criminal background check and prior rental experience 
  • Knowledge and application of all local and municipal laws and ordinances as it comes to landlord-tenant rules, communication, and responsibilities 

  • Resolving tenant disputes 
  • Legal notices and eviction as needed 
  • Managing tenant turnover 

  • Application, Leases, and Notices will all be produced and recorded in line with laws and ordinances
  • Maintaining all records and files

  • Manage tenant rental billing and extra charges 
  • Tenant deposit accounting 
  • Monthly accounting with transparent invoicing and payments through our online owner portal

  • Payment of invoices including repairs, mortgage, taxes, insurance, and utilities
  • Comprehensive year-end statement

In addition, we utilize an online management software platform that improves the tenant experience,  markets our properties broadly across various sites and search sites, creating a system to efficiently market and manage your property.  

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